Commodities Trading

Blue Valley Middle East Investment is a leading commodity trader operating in some of the world's most resource-rich, low-cost origination markets.

Bulk Commodity Trading:

Trading in a range of liquid and dry bulk commodities, such as agricultural and non-agricultural products, respectively.



Preservation of agricultural, non-agricultural and other materials in specialized facilities until they are needed or ready for sale.


Optimized Trade Flows:

Maximizing the use of resources to streamline the movement of commodities, ensuring optimal efficiency and effective trade.


Long-Term Value Creation:

Focusing on investments that create long-term value and benefit both the company and its clients.

Maximizing the Efficiencies of Commodity Trading

Blue Valley Middle East Investment is a global commodity trading company with a strong focus on delivering a diverse range of products and services to its worldwide customers.

Operating in low-cost origination markets, the company sources, processes, stores, and ships a wide range of commodities that include Agri-Commodities such as sugar, wheat, rice, coffee, edible grains, and high-quality cereals, as well as Non-Agri-Commodities.

The company also deals with machinery, including farm machines, cement clinkers, and light manufacturing plants like water bottling plants.

Exploring Opportunities in UAE's Thriving Commodity Market:

The UAE is known for its strong presence in the commodity trading industry, with a rich history and modern advancements. However, with the evolving nature of trade, there may be potential risks in this market. To address these challenges, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has taken steps to provide guidance and enforce compliance, with penalties for non-compliance. Blue Valley Middle East Investment provides resources to assist businesses in identifying and mitigating these potential risks.

Expanding Trade Portfolio:

Operating in some of the world’s most resource-rich, low-cost origination markets, offering a diverse range of commodities products to its global customer base.

  • Fertilizers: We offer customized solutions to enhance your trading operations. With real-time market insights, supply chain management, trade financing options, and customized reporting, we help you make informed decisions and maximize profitability.
  • Agri-Commodities: Agri-commodities refer to the various agricultural products that are traded on commodity exchanges, such as sugar, wheat, rice, coffee, edible grains, and high-quality cereals. These products are sourced from different regions around the world and are traded in large quantities to meet the global demand for food products.
  • Non-Agri-Commodities: Non-Agri commodities refer to a range of materials that are used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. This category includes medical and surgical equipment, building and construction materials such as cement, steel, paint, pipes, ceramics, metal, and clay.
  • Machinery: Machinery refers to various equipment and machines that are used in different industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. This category includes farm machines like tractors, heavy equipment, and light manufacturing plants like water bottling plants. These machines are essential for the production and processing of goods and commodities.