Together with our partners, we invest in initiatives that drive positive outcomes for humanity and contribute to long-term growth.

Intereko Energia: Waste Management and Innovative Solutions

Intereko Energia provides waste management solutions tailored to each client, with transparency and reliability. They offer modern technological solutions for environmentally friendly waste processing. Their positive reputation and awards motivate them to continue improving.

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SANY:  Wind Turbine Solutions

Providing ready-made Vertical Wind Turbines solutions for companies and production enterprises. The company’s wind turbine product design is characterized by high tower, high power, long blades, light-weight, and intelligent control.

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ADA: Innovative Solar Irrigation Solutions

Ada’s revolutionary solar-powered irrigation solutions represent a groundbreaking leap toward a sustainable agricultural future. By harnessing the power of the sun, Ada has crafted a one-of-a-kind system that not only ensures efficient crop irrigation but also champions environmental conservation.

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Raystech: Renewable Energy Solutions

Raystech is a global leader in renewable energy, with a strong presence in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and South Africa. They provide comprehensive solar solutions and are committed to offering top-quality products and service to their partners in the industry.

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The Climate Group Africa: Pioneering Carbon Credit Solutions

At the forefront of sustainability, The Climate Group Africa (TCGA) is a trailblazing company focused on the carbon credit landscape. TCGA’s innovation extends to crafting restoration programs for environments, meticulously assessing carbon yield, and issuing highly sought-after carbon credits for seamless integration into the voluntary carbon market.

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Hainan Yanzhou Trading Company

Hainan Yanzhou Trading Company specializes in the trade of bulk energy commodities, including crude oil, refined oil, LNG, LPG, and chemicals. They have strategic partnerships with leading companies in the industry and aim to build a robust marketing network system while upholding the core concept of integrity-based trading.

SureVitality: Preventive Care Life Style Medicine

SureVitality is a preventive care and lifestyle medicine service platform that focuses on promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes to prevent chronic diseases. Their independent lifestyle coaches offer personalized services, including nutrition coaching, exercise planning, stress management, and goal setting.

Emirates Sugar Refinery: Sweetening the World’s Future

Emirates Sugar Refinery is the largest sugar refinery in the GCC, strategically located at KEZAD Industrial Free Zone, Khalifa Port. They aim for substantial annual sugar production and have forged strategic alliances with reliable raw sugar suppliers from South America.

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Darian International: Fueling Trade and Sustainability.

Darian International is a dynamic general trading and financing company specializing in construction and eco-energy products. They have a global reach, connecting the UAE to markets in Pakistan, the Middle East, the Far East, and EU countries. They also play a vital role in supporting the Emirates Sugar Refinery.

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Zanzibar Sweet Harvest Refinery: Fueling Global Sugar Demand.

Zanzibar Sweet Harvest Refinery, a leading sugar refinery based in Zanzibar, plays a pivotal role in the international sugar trade. With a focus on import and export, the refinery meets the growing global demand for sugar. Through strategic operations and a commitment to quality, Zanzibar Sweet Harvest Refinery stands as a key player in the sweet industry, catering to worldwide sugar needs.

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NexTrade: Global Trade Lansdcape

Based in the bustling city of Dubai, NexTrade Trading LLC is a
general trading company known for its versatility and comprehensive trading solutions. It deals in a wide range of products and services, catering to a diverse client base and playing a significant role in the vibrant trading landscape of Dubai.

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Synarchy: Where Strategy Meets Execution

As a data-driven and platform-enabled consulting firm, Synarchy bring a unique X-Factor to their engagements through innovative technology solutions. Synarchy’s commitment to excellence ensures that their clients experience the convergence of visionary strategy and effective implementation in every facet of their business.

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